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Item ID: 201855

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Used 2013/4 Bruker Nanostat Saxs Xray diffractometer

Selling for parts.  This unit has been a lemon.  It currently runs at idle power.   Buyer responsible for removal.

The Bruker Nanostar system is a convertible small-angle/wide-angle x-ray scattering instrument. It has a copper rotating anode (Turbo X-ray Source, TXS) with a three-pinhole beam path, a single sample chamber, and a 2D Vantec 2000 gas detector (2048x2048 pixcels, 14cmx14cm active area) which can be positioned anywhere between 4cm and 107cm from the sample. The q-range attainable is ~ 0.007 Å-1 to ~ 2 Å-1 The system comes with a Haskris R175C water-cooled chiller and a Windows 7 computer workstation with detector PCI card installed and all software that came with the instrument. The system is currently functional at idle power, but would need routine maintenance items (a new filament and cathode and refurbishment of the anode, ~$15k) to function at full power. More information can be found in the Nanostar Spec sheet attached.

Used 2013/4 Bruker Nanostat Saxs Xray diffractometer
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Company Site: Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Extended Description  Details at DOC-M89-EXX007 V3 NANOSTAR U Pre-installation Guide.pdf
Condition Poor


DuPont Investment Recovery
  Raymond Weitzel
  Wilmington , Delaware
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