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Item ID: 147766

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Used DeDietrich Model SR-400 liter Glass Lined Dryer Blender

DeDietrich Model SR-400 liter Glass Lined Dryer Blender, 16.8 cu ft total, 11.1 cu ft working capacity, 39.38" O.D. 90 degree conce, glass type 3009, vessel pressure rating- 50 psi and FV, Jacket pressure 90 psi, veseel and jacket temp rating - 400 F, MDMT- -20F @ 50 psi/FV, age 1995, serial# 35850, national board# 6514
Used DeDietrich Model SR-400 liter Glass Lined Dryer Blender
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Company Site: Dayton, Ohio
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer DeDeitrich
Model SR400 Dryer Blender
Capacity (Volume) 11.00  cu ft  (0.311 cu m)
Drum Dimensions Diameter: 40.000  in  (101.6 cm)  x  Length: 48.000  in  (121.9 cm)
Internal Material of Construction (Wetted Surface) Glass
Orientation of Use Horizontal
Temperature Range 
  Minimum -28.89  ºC  (-20.00 ºF)
  Maximum 400.00  ºC  (752.00 ºF)
Jacketed YES
  Maximum Rated Pressure 90.0  PSI  (6.12 atm, 620,577 Pa)
  Maximum Rated Temperature 204  ºC  (399 ºF)
Extended Description  Details at dd dryer blender u1.pdf
Year of Manufacture 1995
Condition Very Good


DuPont Investment Recovery
  Raymond Weitzel
  Wilmington , Delaware
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