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Item ID: 208824

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Hyster N35ZDR2 Electric Forklifts

Hyster N35ZDR2 electric forklifts
hyster N35ZDR2 3500 lb narrow aisle lift truck; type e; mast 107"/239"/68" 3 stage full mast; double reach assembly with side shifter 42" extend with 33.5" wide class ii hook type carriage forks 42" long; audible alarm; operator desktop led light; dual headlights 12 volt mast mounted ; readco battery 18-155-15 flowright SPWS lo water indicator cable safery boot; capacity as configured 3000 lbs at 24" LC to mast full hieght; dealer supplied and installed shockwatch; delaer installed operator fan; visible alarm led amber strobe; accessory RFf terminal bracket; accessory- RF handheld scanner holder

hours 5213

Bids will be accepted until November 30, 2019

Hyster N35ZDR2 Electric Forklifts
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Company Site: Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States
Unit Price $ 0.00
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Hyster
Model N35ZDR2
Condition Good
Year of Manufacture 2013
Serial Number(s)D264N01769M

DuPont Investment Recovery
  Craig Desrosiers
  Wilmington , Delaware