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Item IDItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotesSite Location
184931 2007 Autosampler -- AVS Pro II 1 F* Hopewell, VA
197364 400 MHz Varian/Agilent Probes 7 F* Wilmington, Delaware
197323 500 MHz Bruker Probes 2 Wilmington, Delaware
198362 Barr Murphy Atomizers 3 F* Newark, Delaware
196448 Biological Safety Cabinet, 6’, Class II, Type A2 1 F* Wilmington, Delaware
185310 brimrose Luminar 5030handheld AOTF-NIR analyzer 2 Wilmington, Delaware
198106 Budzar Chiller 1 Wilmington, Delaware
195858 GRETA Multifermentor System & Gas Sampling Valves 1 Wilmington, Delaware
190137 Heller Industries Oven/Laminator/coater 1 F* Wilmington, Delaware
195917 Hiden Isochema IGAsorp Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer 1 Wilmington, Delaware
195392 Idler Rolls 1 Richmond, Virginia
189512 Integrated Flame Scanner and Temperature Analyzer 2 Newark, Delaware
187800 JEOL Vacuum Desicator EMDSC-U10A 1 Wilmington, Delaware
190437 Marshall/Williams Stretch Bonding Machine & Equipment 1 Richmond, Virginia
190343 NUMATICS Pneumatic Cylinders 24 Sayreville, New Jersey
192212 Orton Automatic Recording Dilatometers 2 F* Wilmington, Delaware
176172 Panalytical Perl’X 3 Fluxer 1 Wilmington, Delaware
190133 Reference Sound Source RSS-101 Hemianechoic 1/12th Octave Calibration 1 F* Wilmington, Delaware
189879 Snyder SuperTainer Stainless Steel 304SS IBCs 1 Richmond, Virginia
198369 Two Stage Air Compressor with Dryer 1 F* Wilmington, Delaware
179093 Unused Victor Gas Regulator model VTS4500-346 3 Memphis, TN
187287 used ColorportModel CP7001 spectrophotometer 1 Valdosta, Georgia
196051 Used Dillon Dynamometer Model L 1 F* Kinston, North Carolina
196590 Wandres Micro Cleaning System 1 Wilmington, Delaware
191621 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer, XPS Tool 1 F* Wilmington, Delaware

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