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 Autoclaves / Sterilizers  in Laboratory Equipment  (1)

 Carbon Steel Tanks  in Tanks  (1)

 Electric Heated Ovens  in Heaters, Ovens, Incinerator Equipment  (1)

 Electric Motors - Other  in Electrical Motors  (1)

 Mobile Equipment - Other  in Mobile Equipment  (1)

 MRO Stock Items - Other  in Maintenance, Repair and Operations Stock Items  (3)

 Ovens - Other  in Ovens  (1)

 Plastics Equipment - Other  in Downstream and Other Plastics Equipment  (4)

 Presses  in Machine Tool Equipment  (1)

 Production Vacuum Pumps  in Pumps  (1)

 Rail Cars - Other  in Rail Cars  (1)

 Scientific and Laboratory Equipment - Other  in Laboratory Equipment  (5)

 Semi Truck Tractors  in Trucks  (1)

 Specialty Items  in ALL CATEGORIES  (5)

 Spectrometers  in Laboratory Equipment  (2)

 Stainless Steel Tanks  in Tanks  (1)

 Truck Trailers - Other  in Truck Trailers  (4)