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in Spectrometers
Item ID: 191702

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Used Thermo Scientific Sentinel PRO Environmental Mass Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific Sentinel PRO Environmental Mass Spectrometer, with temperature controlled 1kV ion source, scanning magnetic sector analyzer consisiting of floor mounted GP air conditioned cabinet, Dual detector with double SEM/Thoria Filament, Inlet probe with membrane leak, 8m3/hr rotary vacuum pump, turbo drag pump, standard side -channel blower sample pump, 64 port RMS with 1/4" fittings abd digital sample flow measurement
gasworks software with Modbus and OPC communications, 13 digital outputs, 6 calibration ports, 

configuration - 2 Mass specs and KinTek Model 491M-BM permeation oven

This sytem was used to sample/analyze DMAc from our process.  Could be used to analyze other chemicals.

condition - working,  age - 2012, currently installed.

Used Thermo Scientific Sentinel PRO Environmental Mass Spectrometer
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Company Site: Circleville, Ohio, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
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DuPont Investment Recovery
  Karen Le Blond
  Wilmington , Delaware
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